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Tech Tools to Help You Make Your Web-Based Projects a Success

Tech Tools to Help You Make Your Web-Based Projects a Success

In today’s digital world, online businesses and apps are part of everyday life. What’s more, they are in high demand as consumers continue to prioritize convenience. There has never been a better time to capitalize on this desire, but with so much competition these days, you cannot just jump into any online endeavor without a plan. Keep reading for a few tools and tricks that can help you make your next project your biggest success.

Start with the Right People

No business will thrive without the right people to guide it. Fortunately, you are not limited to searching within just a few miles of your physical location — the entire world is your talent pool. Virtual Desk Jobs is an online job board that matches freelance and career-minded professionals to remote or work-from-home roles. This means you may have a web developer in San Francisco and a content creator in Miami. For this reason, you will also want to employ tactics that ensure your team can collaborate. Plan to invest in workflow software and use tools to host online meetings — GoToMeeting is a popular choice used by many companies — that can connect your entire team no matter where they might be.

Make Your Site Accessible

When you post content on your website, it must be accessible to visitors of all abilities. For example, if a deaf or hearing-impaired person wants to watch a video, ensure that it has captions. If your site’s content is video-heavy, transcribing the audio can be especially time-consuming. The better option is to add subtitles whenever possible, and there are services available that can tackle this more quickly and accurately than someone on your staff. Rev is one example and offers subtitles in a variety of formats and languages for $1 per video minute and with quick turnaround times. Whatever service you use, make sure you find an agency that provides guaranteed results and quick delivery.

Anchor Down with SEO

SEO is search engine optimization. This is essentially a series of processes by which you make your website more visible to Google and other search engines. Make sure to partner with an experienced web developer who understands the ever-changing algorithms that dictate search engine results. Further, you will need to utilize analyzation and other tools to keep your site relevant. Because search engine ranking relies heavily on authority, the quality of your content heavily influences your online presence. Search Engine Journal explains that your SEO content should explore your topic and provide visitors with factual — and verifiable — information.

Design Your Online Project for Multiple Platforms

If you’re designing an app, most people assume that is available only for a device. However, that does not mean that your project should not be functional on a PC or laptop. Keep in mind that, as of 2019, the use of mobile devices and desktop computers is around 51 percent and 45 percent respectively. Failure to cater to either type of user can result in a huge loss to your web traffic and profits. Having a mobile website is easy, and most experienced developers know exactly what to trim to ensure seamless user experience. Something else to consider, especially for mobile users, is that your site should load quickly. Even a one-second lag can cost you conversions, customers, and cash in that order.

With the amount of tech on the market, there is no reason that you can’t give yourself every chance of success. Remember, start by finding the right people, and don’t neglect things like online collaboration, accessibility, SEO, and speed. All of these elements come together to give you the boost you need to make your site stand out in a competitive market.

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