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Find pre-screened legitimate work at home jobs.

As a Job Seeker, why is there a fee to join?

There is a small fee to sign up for $99.00, however it’s a one-time fee and a lifetime membership to access remote 1099 contractors pre-screened jobs and apply to employers directly.   This helps keep the number of job seekers to a reasonable size vs a “free” site where you are competing with tens of thousands of other job seekers and are virtually invisible to hiring companies.

Unlike most job sites, we do not take any commissions or hourly pay from our job seekers once they are hired for a job.  What our Virtual Desk Professionals earn, they keep.

And unlike many other job sites, we do not pull job ads off of the internet.  All jobs on Virtual Desk Jobs are posted BY the employer and in most cases these jobs cannot be found any where else on the internet.

Our business has grown leaps and bounds by word of mouth because businesses have been overjoyed at the quality of candidates found on Virtual Desk Jobs, and Virtual Desk Professionals have been thrilled with the great opportunities that come through our job bank portal.


Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of our business, we cannot offer refunds for periods currently enrolled in since once a person joins and logs in, they are able to immediately capture all jobs and projects posted. If we offered refunds, it would encourage unscrupulous people to join, copy the information and then cancel.


Are your work at home job listings legitimate or real?

Absolutely, all of our remote jobs listed on our site are 100% pre-screened and legitimate.


Who can join this site?

Yes, Virtual Desk Jobs is designed for anyone that is seeking pre-screened remote jobs and need guidance where to find and apply for jobs at home.


What is the average pay range for jobs listed?

The average pay will range between $10.00 – $65.00 per hour.  Of course, the more experience you have the more you will earn.