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For Employers

With 16 years in business (“VDJ”) Virtual Desk Jobs is located in Yukon, Oklahoma.  We currently have over 450,000 new visitors each month and constantly growing.

We are a central job board portal hub that links all employers and job seekers together all-in-one virtual place online.  Our premier U.S. base employer job posting board is designed for employers and recruiters that are needing to fill office desk job positions in all industries.


What We Do

We syndicate your job positions that are posted on our job board platform and then send you qualified candidates through our job seeker portal that ranges from entry level, intermediate and professional level background skills.  Our complete mission is to help job seekers in all walks of life find genuine jobs and to help the employers find the best worker for their company.


Our weed out process – Saves you time!

We will pre-screen all candidates before sending them to your email inbox for your immediate review and to schedule an interview screening.


Why Use Us?

We specialize in onsite office, manufacturing labor,  drivers, warehouse, industrial, work-at home, and telecommute office desk jobs.

What makes our job board so different than any other job boards is that we take the time to validate and pre-screen all of our employer’s job positions and job seekers resume first hand before any content is posted on our site.  We connect with the job seeker to evaluate their previous work history and give them guidance on helping them land the job they are searching for.

Our unique work from home job service helps professionals find flexible, legitimate, home-based work, while at the same time helping small businesses hire talented, virtual team members and freelancers.

Flexibility is the number one benefit many workers today are looking for. Businesses, on the other hand, are looking for affordable, quality talent to help their businesses grow and flourish. simply brings them together to find the perfect solution for both!


Level Up – Free job posting syndication.

We syndicate your job postings with no additional fees to our partner sites to power boost your return in receiving more qualified candidates to fill your job positions at a much quicker hiring rate.

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For Jobseekers / Contractors

Why are we considered the BEST recruitment job board agency in the industry today?

Rule – #1

We listen to YOU!

If you visit other job boards they are not going to talk directly to you about any underlying issues that you are having when it comes to your job search.

Whether you just lost your job, got laid off, took a maternity leave of absence and never returned back to work, disabled, retired, need money very badly, medical illness, tired of all the online scams or just want to find real work-at-home jobs and need some guidance …….

*We do not discriminate on your past background history.  If you are having hard times finding a job due to your past background history then consult with us first.  Let us be the first to determine if the offense falls within our guidelines to still be able to help you find contract employment from your home office.  We believe everyone needs a 2nd chance to work!


We are here for YOU!

We determine what type of job position that you are best suited for based on your work history and experience.  We uphold the highest level of reputable employers that operate work-at-home job board portals that we work closely with on a daily basis. We will refer you to the best optional work-at-home client base to help you find the right job in a timely manner. We will scout through several hundreds of remote job positions to see if you will be a great match for what the clients are seeking.

You will need to be able to register and apply directly to remote employers to get hired to work-at-home as a 1099 contractor or in some places an employee depending on the hiring client.  So let us refer you to the best remote positions available today.


Rule – #2

We help you find the right remote job bank portal service or work-at-home job position just for you!

We contact our branded remote job board partners and put you in direct contact with them so you can register to become a member of their site to find work at home jobs.  If you are interested in becoming an at home agent so you can work directly with the branded job board partners as an independent contractor we can send you a referral to get you hired much faster.

We do give you several options so you will make the right choice when searching for work-at-home job opportunities.  At Virtual Desk Jobs we are proud to say that we are in business to make sure that you will be able to get connected with legitimate work-at-home job positions right from the comfort of your own home, where you can certainly miss all the online scams that still exist today!

Join our team and get connected with our remote hiring employers today!